December Issue: Faith Glenn Thompson – Bring Back The Erring Ones




We shouldn’t have to deliberate longer than few minutes to resolve conflicts. We shouldn’t also condemn sinners too, Jesus did not. Instead, we are advised to intercede for them in prayer and in the similitude let our lifestyle reflect the nature of Jesus. So the message of love can have a hold on them and they can easily turn from their wicked ways.
This season is a time of showing love, if you can visit the motherless home, the widows and also single parents. We should also remember there are people on the streets, sleeping under the bridge, in an abandoned container. Our goal is to preach the message of love, not only in words but to clothe, shelter people and also give aid when necessary. When the Holy Spirit drop this theme “Bring Back the Erring Ones” My team and I pondered on how to go about it We dig deep and realized there are many landmarks to cover when we talk about bringing those who have erred.

Remember Apostle Paul advised we shouldn’t condemn anyone, rather we should pray that they turn away from their wicked ways and come into the boat of salvation. It is an amazing grace, for we also were once sinners but saved by grace through faith. You won’t believe how your act of kindness can reach out to people and cut through their hearts, turning them back to God.

I pray as we draw the curtain close on 2018, you will find it purposeful to include kingdom advancement goals into your plan come 2019, This because, our primary purpose is to win souls for God. As you flip through the pages of this issue, please remember to show love to people. Start from your neighborhood, spread love and not condemnation. The thug you despise on your street might be one of the latter day generals of God who will hold mighty crusades and put the host of darkness into perpetual bondage. You stand a chance now only if you consider this relevant. The Lord God will bless you this season with the gift of love and faith to take this step in the right direction only in the Holy Ghost. Thanks for being part of this journey with us since January, we believe we were able to communicate God’s kingdom purpose to you and many others. Please do not forget to support Gospel Saints Team as we are considering to spread our tentacles in order to take the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all the enclaves of the Earth. Happy New Year in Advance. Enjoy!


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