Tell us about yourself

 I am Elizabeth Omotolani Olufa, hailed from Ondo state. Born in the 1980s, a lover of God, passionate and an amazing singer and songwriter.

 Which school did you go to?

Royal Crown nursery and primary school, Isolo grammar school, Muson school of music and currently studying music at the University of Lagos.

 How did your interest in music start?

My interest started right from my childhood. Taking the lead in our children choir and that’s the only thing I do effortlessly and I love it with all my being.

 Are you signed to any record label?

Not yet

 Who produces your music?

 Sean keazy and Excel. Mixed and mastered by Mr Wols and Protunz

 The Gospel is becoming a big whale in the fishpond in Nigeria, how do you intend to set yourself apart?

I intend to be the best by producing good music for the

 Where is the biggest crowd you performed?

 Vita foam 50th anniversary at Muson center, Lagos.

 Talk us through your debut Song and Album?

The album is titled Awesome, with 5 tracks. Awesome, Elohim, Na you be God, In Christ alone and sing praise.

 How do you team up with the producer and backup singers?

Relationship helped me much. I had friends who gave their time and gift just to make the project a reality so for me it was a great experience.

  Who inspires you musically?

Tasha Cobbs

 Do you keep a tab on foreign gospel music?

Yes, I do

 What has been your career highlight?

To stand out wherever I find myself. To produce good and qualitative music. To take my music to all nations of the earth. To carry God’s presence everywhere I go. To be a blessing to everyone that comes in contact with me.

If you were Seventeen today:  what would you do differently and why?

I will be a better person because that’s the best thing to do.

 Why Gospel, why not Soul, RnB or Afropop?

Because music for me is God’s will for my life so I know it’s my purpose for leaving, not just because I am gifted but because it’s a call.

 Who do you look forward working with in the music industry?


 Do you think Circular musicians should be welcomed into the Gospel Music Sphere?

For me, it’s no big deal but looking at our country I don’t think it will be welcomed.

 Where do you see yourself in Five years?

I see myself taking my music to all nations of the Earth, impacting lives through my music.

 What’s your greatest challenge so far as an artist?

Challenges are inevitable in this journey but we have to keep forging ahead and not blame anyone for not helping us achieve our dreams and aspirations. The major challenge has been nothing but support and my submission is that your success or failure is all about you and not anyone, so keep up the work.

Interview by Poet M.M Tobias


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